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Case Study

Greenfield Dairy Project

The Dairy industry in Australia has seen it's fair share of transformation including price of milk fluctuations, climate change and international market pressures over the last decade.

Noted as one of the biggest agriculture sectors and one of the most impactful from greenhouse gas emission standpoint, when financing a greenfield project, enhancing revenues streams, drought proofing, and utilisation of renewable technologies is essential for large scale financing.

ML output per annum
Gallantree Dairy

The level of detail in the documentation and the management of the process has been complimentary to the Gallantree team.

Innovation & Research

When structuring a Dairy project, the natural consideration is to maximise the value chain and grow capabilities to manage dependancies.
Therefore, as part of the financing, we implemented a financing model that included a digester, water purification system, industrial batteries and solar panels for biofuels and energy management and adding new revenue streams to the facility.

Gallantree Dairy Model

Typical Structuring

For structuring, it's beneficial to bring together mutiple lenders and funders to reduce the cost of capital, maximise exposures and structure for specific aspects of the project.

In a project like this, breaking down the financing into site acquisition, construction, equipment and supply was essential.


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