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Helping Australia develop our future

In today's era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. For many businesses, the only sustainable advantage is to have agility over others. We at Gallantree, bridge the gap between agility in new innovation and the ability for funders to be confident in returns on investment.

Gravitas Now

Stationary Storage Battery

In Discovery

Our client is a Stationary Battery solution provider working with AEMO to bring constant and sustainable energy to the Australia.

  • ~12 sites scoped
  • Up to 200 MW per install
  • Equity and debt raise
  • Eastern Seaboard

Aviation Company

In M&A Mode

Our client is conducting an M&A and capital expansion in new verticals.

What we specialise in

Project Documentation Consultation

We analyse and construct project investment documentation such as Investment Memorandums, finance grade feasibility models, and risk frameworks.

Equity and Debt funding

We structure your projects for financing from our direct network of family offices and instutional funders. We generally work on projects from $15m - $300m in development cost.

Transaction Facilitation

We work with legal firms and corporate trustees to structure and manage the funding as the project progresses.

Our Advisory team

For any project we are engaged for, our advisory team reviews and assists throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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