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Expertise and focus to deliver results

For many business owners, entrepreneurs or family offices, gaining access to the right investment partners while optimising their business to maximise efficiencies is key.

Large-Scale Corporate Finance Preparation

We assist with your debt and equity financing preparation, with a speciality in placements where multiple lenders are required.

Finance Structuring

We build bespoke structured financial models & business plans aligned to the vision of the project to maximise efficiencies.

Deal research and strategy validation

Alongside our partners, we offer complete deal research capabilities.

Investment Documentation and Deal Room Management

We offer document and data-room construction, preparation and document management.

Capital Raising Preparation

We assist you in preparation of working with financiers and funders.

Innovation and Collaboration Developments

We elevate business and projects to collaborate with clients, univerisities and research bodies.

Gallantree Buildings

Large Scale Corporate Finance Preparation

We provide strategic execution on a broad range of lending and debt financing transactions, including growth, acqusition and project financing preparation. Our team also has significant expereince in capital markets, risk modelling and structuring.

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Corporate & Project Finance preparation
  • Consultation
Gallantree Structuring

Investment Structuring

Our clients benefit from our teams ability to craft unique and bepoke structures in readiness for investment. Aspects including structured debt investments and funding plans.

Structuring debt or equity financing is often the difference between a successful project and a not so successful one.

  • Structured Revenue Models
  • Funding Models
  • Underwriting Models
Innovation Workshop

Innovation & Strategic Advisory

Our team has extensive experience in battle testing and validation of innovative models, strategic product development and execution.

We often integrate this work with research houses, universities or industry bodies to maximise the projects impact and sustainabilty.

  • Strategic Innovation Research
  • Concept mapping and design
  • Innovation Design Workshops
  • Innovation alignment with project and funding

Our Areas of Focus

Agriculture & Agtech

We assist innovative agriculture and agtech companies with optimisation, investment structuring, grants, future revenue opportunities and renewable innovations.

Emerging Economies

We assist companies innovating niche markets with financial modelling definition to maximise their projects potential.

Renewable Energy

As renewable energy projects can be financially intensive in early stages, we assist to structure the projects with a combination of

Financial Services

We have in depth experience in support emerging and operating financial services and fintech companies with their innovation & business requirements.


Assisting large scale infrastructure projects including roads, railways, water, sewage and projects and businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Property Developments

We have experience in working with large scale property developments with family offices and constortiums in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

How we work

We offer a simple, yet efficient investment service where we structure, review, elevate, model and prepare your projects or business for the best chance of funding via hand-picked specialist providers or our own network of lenders or family offices.



Fill out a client form with the details of your company or project. We will see if we can assist.

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We then review any information you have, then create or align documentation suitable for showcasing the potential of the business, and make sure everything that is required is clear and available.


Funding Preparation

We then assist you in preparation of a data room for the potential funder(s), and provide a introductions if necssary to potential funders.

Some Frequently asked questions

How long does the process take?

In most cases, we can prepare the funding documentation, modelling and data-room preparation work within a 2-4 week window.

Who is the lender?

As the majority of the projects we see are between $15m - $300m and require 2-3 lenders to fund entirely to seperate risk, many of the lenders are family offices. We are not the lender, but act to prepare you for the lender in mind.

Why Gallantree?

Our team is made up of people who have been in your position who are familiar with optimisation of businesses in specific verticals, and what lenders will be looking for to streamline the overall process.

What is your pricing?

We charge professional services fees that are agreed up front and billable 30 days after work is completed.

Reach out directly

Reach out directly to the Gallantree Team so we can assess if we can assist.