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Case Study

Financial Services Lender

Getting access a debt facility to onlend to clients can be a tricky aspect for most upstart lenders.

Only when you get to larger scale volumes does the pricing become competitive. Additionally, finding the right group of financing partners is paramount to the success of the business.

total financing facility
Gallantree Financial Services

The level of detail in the documentation and the management of the process has been complimentary to the Gallantree team.

Discovery Phase

When putting together a debt facility, metrics and defendability of the model is a fundamental aspect to overcome risk. An independant third-party research document is a solid method to showcase the businesses viability, the market conditions, competitor analysis and risks associated with the business. A document like this formed part of the due diligence and, combined as an appendix with an Information Memorandum and other due diligence documentation, forms a compelling business case for wholesale and institutional funders.

Gallantree Dairy Model

Typical Structuring

The structure for a lender can be simplified into an SPV as a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company. A credit committee, formed by all parties was an expectation of the structure.


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