Elevating Industries

We're starting with specialist industry services knowledge, finance preparation and investment and wealth structuring for family offices and sophisticated clients.

Bank’s are number crunchers, not technologists or thought-leaders. Gallantree blends boutique financial services with value-driven advisory services which is totally unique and will solve a missing piece of the puzzle.

Committed to serving your financial needs

We offer financial services assistance in the following areas.

Corporate Finance Preparation

Corporate Financing preparation for projects, companies and emerging verticals.

Project Structuring

Providing investment structuring in line with modern financial services standards.

Innovation and Consulting

Aligning Research & Innovation with growth models to maximise potential.

Our Areas of Focus

Agriculture & Agtech

We assist innovative agriculture and agtech companies with their financing, investment structuring, grants & carbon initiatives.

Emerging Economies

We assist companies innovating niche markets with financial modelling and underwriting definition to maximise their projects potential.

Renewable Energy

As renewable energy projects can be financially intensive, we assist to structure the projects to meet requirements for financial close.

Financial Services

We have in depth experience in support emerging and operating financial services and fintech companies with their debt and equity requirements.


Assisting large scale infrastructure projects including roads, railways, water, sewage and projects and businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Property Developments

We have experience in working with large scale property developments in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Gallantree is for...

We specialise in certain niches within the financial services space.

Sophisticated Clients

We offer a range of services including structured lending, debt facilities and research specifically suited to the sophisticated market.


Property Developers & Investors

We offer a range of integrated and vertical financing solutions for property developers, consortiums and investors.


Single Family Offices

We offer a range of deal research, fund portfolio construction and due diligence services suited to Family Offices.


An Artisans-like experience

We remember a time where relationships mattered rather than being just a number. Read about our approach on bringing a digital boutique to market that you'd actually change for.

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