Frequently Asked Questions

We've complied a list of frequently asked questions on Gallantree.

Q. Why Gallantree as a name?

Gallantree was originally named Enso. Enso was a placeholder title that lingered around and eventually we'd have the time and the brain power to consider what we what to be known for in decades to come.

We landed on Gallantree as a play on words between the sturdiness, yet flexiblity of a Tree and the courtesousness of being Gallantry.

Q. Is Gallantree a Bank?

Gallantree is not a registered Bank in Australia, however we are looking into a path to become or acquire a banking license (ADI) so we can not only be hyper competitive on rates, but service faster as well.

Q. Why is Gallantree different?

We're bringing an artisans financial services experience to Australia, yet without the massive cost normally associated with Big 4 Accounting or Investment houses. We do this by utilising our knowledge aligned with digital capabilities so we can be more efficient in time and value.

Q. Can I join Gallantree?

Please email us at

Q. Who is behind Gallantree?

We're in some good company as we have relationships with many of Australia's biggest financial institutions or investment houses. We are financed by a number of Family Offices and our team is a blend of ex-bankers, entrepreneurs, technologists, thought leaders and enablers.

Q. What products do you have?

Currently we offer a range of lending products to sophisticated investors and clients. These include Investor Loans, Property Development, Mezzanine Financing and Escrow services.

Q. What are your fees?

For lending, we normally take an upfront establishment fee for advisory services once the settlement occurs.