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Elevating Futures

We have specialists at Gallantree and in our ecosystem to assist in specific niche markets.

Gallantree Agriculture

Agriculture and AgTech

We assist innovative agriculture and agtech companies with business optimisation, structuring, grants, insights carbon initiatives and renewable innovations.

  • Agribusiness / Agriculture Financing
  • Emerging Agtech and renewable tech implementation
  • Emerging Revenue streams and carbon
Gallantree Structuring

Emerging Economies

We assist companies innovating niche markets with financial modelling and underwriting definition to maximise their projects potential.

  • Financial Model Validation
  • Finance aligned with grants and innovations
  • Deal structuring
Gallantree Wind Farm

Renewable Technology and Energy

As renewable energy projects can be financially intensive in early stages, we assist to structure the projects with a combination of debt & equity.

  • Financial Model Validation
  • Finance aligned with grants and innovations
  • Deal structuring
Gallantree Financial Services

Financial Services

We have in depth experience in support emerging and operating financial services and fintech companies with their debt and equity requirements.

  • Innovation Workshops
  • Scheme, card and payment provider analysis
  • Debt Advisory and debt facilities for lending
  • Investment Preparation
Gallantree Renew Mackay

Large Scale Development Projects

We have experience in working with large scale property developments with family offices and constortiums in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Gallantree Mining and Resources

Mining ESG and rehabilitation

We assist in arranging financing for mining rehabilitation activities and carbon initiative programs for mine operators.

  • End of life or dis-used mine strategy
  • Project financing
  • ESG frameworks aligned with the UN Sustainable Goals
  • Carbon initiatives
  • Investment Preparation
Excel Spreadsheet

Fine Wine Market Research 2021


Investors are looking for robust assets with strong growth so here is an Analysis Report on the Fine Wine Industry we conducted as part of an Alternative Assets Assessment.

Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry and AgTech Report


As part of the research we are doing with a client on the Dairy and Innovation in AgTech, we utilised the research into a report. Feel free to Download.

We respect the original elders of the Turrbal land.
Past, present and emerging.

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